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5 Important Things in Writing Academic Essays

Academic legit essay writing is an important part of your college and higher education. It involves your research as well as your thinking and writing skills— all the things required for you to be a good academic writer. As an essay writer here are the five things you should be concerned about when writing advanced academic essays.

Academic research

Academic writing requires the right rhetoric, one that communicates with strong authority and presents the information and points with strong logic and reasoning. To find such material in your research to support your own idea and to uplift them, you need to take your research to the scholarly domain.

These scholarly sources include academic papers and journal articles. These cheap essay writing service is written by scholars and experts in their fields and can be counted on for the correct information. However, you should be careful about the relevance of the information, as information gets outdated as new information and advances in the fields. 

Break free of the 5-paragraph essay structure

You must be accustomed to writing the 5-paragraph essay in your school days, even in your senior year at school. In your college education, it is best to break free of the paragraph structure as it becomes a hindrance as you tackle complicated subjects and wider topics.

The traditional essay structure with the many parts making up the essay paragraphs, from the introduction to the body paragraphs and conclusion, doesn’t allow you to present the information the way you think best.

Breaking free of the essay structure will allow you to not robotically mention the points you are going to discuss in the essay, limiting the scope of the subject from the very start. It will also allow you to present the information to the readers the way you want them to. You can, for example, have a separate paragraph presenting the background information in the form of a literature review, and a new paragraph for presenting your analysis on certain evidence and examples. 

Critical reading and writing

One of the many reasons you are allowed to go on so far as highschool with a rigid essay structure is to allow you to focus on thinking critically about the subject. Critical thinking allows you to go beyond the subject matter, as you question the subject matter and its various relations and implications.

During this, you ask how the information came to be about and why does it work or is used. This can be applied to the arguments made and the research paper topics produced. This allows for generating new points of view and concluding upon synthesized information. 

Spend most of the time reviewing the essay

The writing method in your college education concerns itself about perfecting the reasoning and content of the essay. A college student knows that the essay will be bound to go under several changes from the first draft to the final project. They, therefore, don’t concern themselves about perfecting the essay the first time they write it.

Their first draft is mostly filling in the information into an outline they have created for themselves. During the initial stages hardly any thought is given to the sentence level corrections. Instead, all the attention is focused on getting coherence and unity in the discussion and using the best evidence and arguments to support your thesis.

Most of the time will be spent reviewing your initial drafts until you fashion your essay into a complete and comprehensive thought.

Process the feedback

Processing the feedback improves your writing manifold. You get to know what you need to change in words counter for essays to further improve upon it, while also telling the mistakes that you have a habit of making over and over again.

You can discuss with your instructor in detail about the feedback you are given. Through the discussion, you can make changes and grow as a writer and a thinker.

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