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The Different Types of Essays Writing

Essay writing prompts you to write in a variety of writing styles. An essay prompt at times will just hint at the type of writing that you have to produce and you will have to write my essay type according to your judgment.

In your academic studies, essay writing allows for a variety of things: The academic essay writing will at times test your understanding of a subject that you have covered in class. It can allow you to demonstrate your critical abilities by asking you to come up with arguments and opinions. It can also test your understanding of key concepts and ideas about a particular subject or a course.

Even moving away from your course material, the various types of essays allows the writers (the students) to learn to conduct and use academic research, come up with ideas and synthesis, provide solutions, and write well.

Different writing types allow you to do different things and write essay for me require you to use the various types in one single essay. Here is a list of different types of writing that you will be asked to produce in your academic studies.

Chronological Writing

Writing chronologically means to follow a timeline of events. Most of the narrative essays use a chronological theme in narrating the events of the story; however, such writing is involved in other academic writings as well.

On its own, it can be used to discuss a piece of literature that is discussed in the same chronological order. This can be used to write historical essays or when covering an event in the past. For example, covering the Civil War of 1857, it will benefit you and your reader if you produce the information chronologically.

Other than being an essay on its own, this type of writing can be used solely in giving background information about a subject.

Analytical Writing

The analytical writing prompts the writer to examine the subject matter in detail and explore the various dynamics and relations between the components of the subject. This can be a piece of literature such as a text or a poem under scrutiny or it can be a theory or an idea and its impacts. In short, it requires you to write my paper view of the web of information available or produced on a particular subject.
Analytical writing also includes descriptive writing, as without a proper description of the subject there can’t be any analysis.

Comparative Writing

In comparative writing, you compare and contrast various aspects of either one subject or various subjects. Through the writing, you show the reader various relationships that are between subjects, including the things that they have in common and those that are in stark contrast. The comparative writing is also used in various other writing types such as analytical writing and evaluative writing.

Evaluative Writing

Evaluative writing requires you to access and judge a subject in accordance with its effectiveness for example. The prompts for evaluative writing presents you with an opinion or an idea which you have to argue for and/or against, using evidence to back you up. This type of writing will also ask you to produce other types of writing such as comparative and analytical, as you produce comparative analysis to judge the subject.


This type of writing comes in the writing usually towards the introduction or in the concluding parts of the essay. Here you summarize the contents of the essay, at the beginning, such as in talking about a poem or a piece of literature, and at the end when telling the reader what you have demonstrated or pay someone to write my paper.

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Submit it before or on the due deadline

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