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Tips and Techniques to Edit and Proofread your Essay

Editing and proofreading your essay comes at the end of the write my essay process. Many people find it easy and helpful to have someone else take a look at their essay in order to edit and proofread it. But in essay writing, you should learn how to edit and proofread your essay on your own.

It is important to know what is involved in these processes before moving on to techniques, as some people can’t tell between Revising, Editing, and Proofreading.

All three processes are different regarding what changes in the essay they target. Reviewing is the process where you concentrate on the macro aspects of the essay, which is concerned with the structure of the essay and the organization of the essay. During reviewing you look whether the reasoning is optimal and the paragraphs are uniform, each covering different ideas or points.

The editing process concentrates on the health of the sentences that make up the whole paragraphs. Focusing on the essay writing service you look for the structure of the sentences (ensuring there is a variety of sentence structure) and make sure the right terminology and word choice are adopted. Here, you can also check if the required formal and impersonal tone and style are being followed. The passive sentences are also removed or tweaked to allow for an active voice.

Proofreading concerns itself with correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the writing. This process does look easy but can get tricky as you do my paper and find it hard to find your own mistakes in your writing.

Here are different techniques that writers and editors use to check their writing to optimize their sentences and remove all errors.

Color coding sentences

It is at times hard to judge your sentence variety as you can only look at a small portion at a time. To get an overall view of the essay you use a technique that goes something like this:

  • Print out your essay, probably in a smaller font than usual.
  • Use three different colors for each of the different sentence structures: complex, compound, and simple.
  • Start highlighting the simple sentences.
  • Follow that by complex and compound sentences.
  • Look for the spread and intermixing of colors. Note down what colors are missing in which portions of writing.
  • Change the sentence structure where needed.

Note the repetitions and use a thesaurus to fix them

Go paragraphs by paragraph and check to see if you have repeated any words. Try to use a thesaurus to change one of the words if you can’t find a way to remove it.

Changing the font, text size, and the medium

Your familiarity with the text and the medium of writing becomes a big hurdle in your essay writing. You can remove the familiarity by changing the visuals of the text, such as the font, size of the text, and print it out if you have written it on a computer system.

Reading the text aloud and backward

This technique allows your hearing ability to catch what you might have missed visually. Don’t use your inner voice instead speak each and every word out loud as it is in the essay. You will find many grammatical and punctuation mistakes this way. To catch any wrong words or spelling try to read the essay backward. This will help you to write my paper for me and remove the homophones that might have crept in your essay and also other words that your word processor might have failed to catch.

Take breaks between each session

Don’t edit and proofread the entire essay in one go, instead take your time and let your mind freshen up between each session. This can be hours to days. Remember, not to get into the review, editing, or proofreading right after the writing or the rewriting process.

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